Please Call--HB 2574 Needs a Senate Hearing, or It Dies

House Bill 2574, the newspaper alternatives bill, passed the House in late April but has not been scheduled for a hearing in the Senate. We are asking members to make a short phone call to your State Senator to ask that the bill be set for a hearing in the Senate Business & Commerce Committee. Without a hearing, the bill will die. We'd like a chance to make our case as to why the current requirement of two print newspaper ads no longer makes sense.

State Senators want to hear directly from their constituents how a bill will impact them and their community. If this Bill passes, it will provide alternatives to the antiquated requirement of publishing two newspaper ads.

Sample of What to Say When You Call

  • Give your name and business name: “Hello, my name is _____ and I live (or work) in your District.” Mention the name of your company or the facility. If you have another connection to the representative through a mutual friend, church member or business contact, mention that.
  • Ask the Senator (their staff member taking the call) to please set HB 2574 for a hearing in the Senate Business & Commerce Committee.
  • If asked why this is important to your business, a key point is that self storage is a PRIVATE business and not a government entity. We are the only private industry targeted for this requirement.
  • The call should take no more than a minute or two.
  • Please thank them for considering the small business of one of their constitutents.

House Bill 2574 Does/Does Not:

  • Does allow our business to advertise the lien sale the way other businesses can (through public online auction platforms, other digital advertising such as social media, or via local means of advertising).
  • Does increase the reach of who may see the advertisement (to obtain more bidders and reduce more of the tenant’s debt).
  • Does decrease the loss we sustain when a tenant stops paying and is no longer responsive.
  • Does NOT eliminate newspapers as an option for publishing the Notice of Sale. (You or other members may still want to use a local newspaper.) It simply provides additional options.
  • Does NOT eliminate the required notice of claim to the delinquent tenant.

Talking Points

You can find additional talking points and information about HB 2574 here.

Find Your State Senator 

You will have the most success reaching out to the representative where your home address is located as you are their constituent, and they want your vote of support. You can locate your representative here.