RSign - TSSA's Electronic Lease for Members Without Management Software

TSSA and RPost, the makers of RSign, have partnered to provide members who are operating without management software an electronic leasing solution to collect digital signatures from tenants.

How RSIGN works:

• Like the paper lease, all fields on the rental agreement must be completed as a standalone document.
• Once the applicable fields are complete by the facility, it is sent to the tenant via email for signature.
• RSign will keep track of the form in all stages of completion.
• After the tenant has signed the rental agreement and the process is complete, you may download the executed agreement for record keeping.

RSign is not management software. RSign does not take the place of management software that can track tenant information, unit occupancy/availability, tenant payments or delinquency, etc.

RSIGN will not keep track of tenants and/or units. You must refer to your individually signed rental agreements to maintain your records and operational practices.

RSIGN will not link to a website. The rental agreement must be completed in the software prior to being sent for signature.

Fee to Use RSIGN:

The license fee to use the TSSA Self-Service Storage Rental Agreement with RSign is $305.27 (includes tax) per year, per facility, and this amount is billed annually with your membership. This fee includes unlimited use while licensed. The cost includes both the licensing fee for the TSSA e-Lease (electronic lease) and the RSign (platform) annual fee.

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