Current e-Lease Subscribers

For questions about the e-Lease you can contact us at 512-374-9089 or


Order the e-Lease for a New Facility

You must add the new facility to your TSSA roster before ordering the e-Lease. Log in to your TSSA account to add a facility to your roster or click here to complete the additional facility form online. Once you have added the new facility to your roster, click the appropriate button above to order the e-Lease.

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Update your e-Lease to Include New Statutory Towing Language

If you are using the TSSA e-Lease with your management software and have not updated to the 2021 version of the lease (including required towing law language), click here to put yourself on the update list.

Additional TSSA Forms

We have formatted additional TSSA forms for use within several management software programs as an accompaniment to the TSSA e-Lease (electronic lease). Click here to check the availability of forms for your management software provider.