Committees and task forces

Each year we seek members who are eager to contribute to planning education and events, as well as supporting other association initiatives. Committee and Task Force members meet throughout the year to collaborate and provide direction to the board and staff liaisons. If you have ideas and are passionate about enhancing the association, we would love see your volunteer interest submission. Members are encouraged to sign up for roles that meet their interests. We will contact you to share more about the role and the time commitments, which are usually a few discussions throughout the year. 

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Charitable Fundraising Committee

Co-chairs: Doug and David Hunt, Owner's Management Company
Staff liaison: Mallory Scott, Marketing and Media Coordinator

Plans strategies and methods for generating as much money as possible for TSSA’s annual charitable fundraising for the Shriners Hospitals for Children--Galveston. Members solicit donations of items and find ways to encourage members to support the cause.

2020 Conference Committee

Co-chairs: J.D. Blacklock, Blacklock Storage and April Young, Ultimate Properties

Staff liaisons: Kristy Breaux, Deputy Executive Director (event) and Taressa Dominguez, Director of Marketing and Education (educational tracks)
With a primary focus of increasing attendance and offering quality educational choices, this group makes recommendations to the board and staff regarding session topics and speakers.

Education Committee 

Chair: Jeanne Dube, Solid Ground Storage
Staff liaison: Taressa Dominguez, Director of Marketing and Education
Makes recommendations to the board regarding new and existing education programs for the Association. Makes recommendations for changes in TSSA-sponsored education after reviewing feedback from attendees. Develops new coursework and curricula as needed. Creates the vision regarding the number and type of seminars or other educational offerings to help establish the annual calendar of educational events. 

Publications Committee 

Liaison: Jennifer Jones, Managing Editor, Self-Storage News
Makes recommendations to the Board with feedback from the TSSA staff for changes to printed and electronic publication formats; helps determine editorial calendar and content; helps solicit or contribute articles. Will also help direct TSSA in communicating the value proposition of membership. Occasionally reviews TSSA's magazine, website, blog posts and/or other publications/communication items and provides feedback.


Task Forces focus on achieving shorter-term goals or projects and typically wrap up with the project.

Bylaws Revisions

Chair: Robert Loeb
Staff liaison: Ginny Sutton, Executive Director
This task force will dig into the governing documents for the Association and draft/recommend revisions to the board of directors.

Government Affairs/Legislative Actions

Co-chairs: Amy Nolan and April Young
Staff liaison: Ginny Sutton, Executive Director
One of our most important task forces, the Government Affairs/Legislative Actions task force works with TSSA's lobbying team to read and give feedback on all filed legislation flagged as potentially impacting the self-storage industry. Task force members may also be asked to interact directly with legislators or to testify at a committee hearing.

Independent Operators Training

Chair: Jeanne Dube
Staff liaison:  Taressa Dominguez, Director of Marketing and Education
This task force will help survey and assess the needs of smaller, independent operator members and help determine what educational resources need to be added.

Large Operators Training

Chair: Matt Janes
Staff liaison: Ginny Sutton, Executive Director and Kristy Breaux, Deputy Executive Director
After discussion and assessment, this group recommends the educational offerings at the Executive Retreat and the annual conference track geared toward larger self-storage operators. Typically the task force members are all larger operators.

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Staff Liaisons:

Ginny Sutton, Executive Director
Kristy Breaux, Deputy Executive Director
Taressa Dominguez, Director of Marketing and Education

Questions:  Call us at (888) 259-4902!