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Navigating Family Succession Planning: Passing the Business to the Next Generation

by Korbett L. Roberts, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CASL, TCS Insurance

As time passes, many family-owned self-storage businesses are looking to pass on their legacy to younger generations. Find out exactly what you need to know about succession planning to ensure the next generation of operators are set up to succeed. 

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (“TPWD”) recently provided TSSA with important guidance regarding newspaper advertising requirements when selling vessels or outboard motors at a foreclosure auction. In this article, TSSA legal counsel details the additional requirement.

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How often do you read a book or watch a video about what NOT to do versus what TO do on any particular subject? Many times the only things you remember are the in-your-face ads that tell you not to smoke, not to drink and drive and not to take the tag off of your mattress. Read our latest blog post, where you'll learn what NOT to do when it comes to search engine optimization.

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TSSA legal counsel answers your burning questions on business records left in units, disclosing break-ins to prospective tenants, legalities of increasing rent, re-numbering units and employment issues (and where to find employment resources).

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Scenario: A tenant stops paying so you begin the foreclosure process, but when you cut the lock, you discover a unit full of personal records and files. What do you do? TSSA legal counsel provides guidance on how to handle this type of "sensitive" situation.

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