TSSA E-lease Subscription 

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If you use a software management platform for renting your units and maintaining tenant information, the TSSA e-Lease is a good solution for you. The TSSA Rental Agreement can be installed directly into most software programs—becoming your e-Lease.

What is an e-Lease?

The e-Lease is an electronic version of the lease that is populated by the information provided by the tenant with the fees and provisions specified by you. Generally, this is entered by the tenant during an online reservation or by you in the office. The tenant then receives a copy of the lease electronically by email, or you can print a copy depending on the management software you use.

What if I don't use management software?

TSSA and RPost, the makers of RSign, have partnered to provide members who are operating without management software an electronic leasing solution to collect digital signatures from tenants. Click here to learn more. 

How much does the e-lease cost?

The TSSA e-Lease license is $129.90 ($120 for the annual subscription + $9.90 tax.) per facility for TSSA members. This amount is billed annually with your membership.

What is the process to order and install the TSSA e-Lease?

Before you order the TSSA e-Lease, look at the list below to verify that your management software provider is compatible. Complete the e-Lease order form and accept the terms of the license agreement. Please note: During the order process, you will be asked to fill in each of the charges listed in paragraph 4 of the TSSA lease. Click here to read a blog post with an overview of page one of the lease.

Here's what to expect after you purchase the TSSA e-Lease:

  • You will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to select a day and time for a TSSA staff member to install the e-Lease directly in your management software program (this is called your installation appointment). If you don’t receive the email shortly after your purchase, please check your spam/junk folder.
  • Once you click the link to schedule your e-Lease appointment, you will select a day and time that works best for you. You will also have the option to provide login credentials for your management software account so that TSSA can install your e-Lease at any time before your scheduled appointment (time permitting).
  • TSSA’s e-Lease Technician will call you at the phone number provided at the time of your installation appointment to go over the e-Lease.

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Compatible Management Software Providers

If your management software is not listed below, please encourage your provider to complete the e-Lease integration so that we can test and then make it available to you.  

*Please note: QuikStor, Sentinel, SiteLink, Storage Commander and Syrasoft require specific versions in order to subscribe to the TSSA e-Lease.

The TSSA self-service storage rental agreement (standard lease) has been formatted for use with all management software providers above.
Check the grid below for availability of the TSSA vehicle/trailer/boat rental agreement and additional TSSA forms.

 Management Software Provider  Standard Lease  Vehicle/Trailer/Boat Lease  TSSA Forms
 6 Storage  *  *  *
 Cubby  *    
 DoorSwap Software  *
 Easy Storage Solutions  *  *  *
 QuikStor  *
 Self-Storage Manager  *
 Sentinel  *  *  
 SiteLink  *  *  *
 Space Control   * 
 Storage Commander   *   *  *
 storEDGE  *  *  *
 Syrasoft *  *
 Tenant Inc./Hummingbird  *   *  
 Unit Trac *    
 WebSelfStorage *  *  *
 Yardi  * 

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For questions about the e-Lease you can contact us at 512-374-9089 or elease@txssa.org.