The TSSA e-Lease subscription can now be ordered by members using management software from the following providers:

TSSA is also working with additional management software providers and this list will be updated as they complete the integration process. 
The following providers are nearing completion:


If your management software is not listed, please encourage your provider to complete the e-Lease
integration so that we can test and then make it available to you.

We are researching solutions for members who do not use management software, but due to the
complexity of this initial e-Lease roll-out phase, we don’t have any information at this time.


  1. After accepting the terms of the License Agreement and submitting your e-Lease order, your order will be added to a processing queue based on the order submission date
  2. When your order comes up for processing, you will be contacted regarding an installation date. (Depending on demand, this could take up to one month--thank you in advance for your patience)
  3. Once your installation date has been scheduled, the credit card submitted on the order form will be charged $129.90 ($120 for the annual subscription + $9.90 tax)
  4. On the day of your installation, a TSSA representative will call you, and you will be sent a link to initiate a remote session for the e-Lease installation
  5. A brief overview of setting up your default lease will be discussed during the installation.

Order e-Lease Subscription - Single Facility

Order e-Lease Subscription - Multiple Facilities